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Upcoming Novels


Cover art by Sarah Milteer, reproduced by kind permissions of the artist.

The Wilusiad

Myth and magic, always a heady combination. For Tyler Evans, rookie archaeologist at the site of ancient Troy, they represent temptations he has sworn not to succumb to. For Alaksanda, Revered Lady of Wilusa, they may be the only tools she can use to save everything she loves. As their worlds collide, Tyler and Alaksanda must ally if they are to survive the destruction closing in from all sides. But can fate ever truly be denied?

Tomb of Ramose

IImage reproduced under license from

Mummies on the Run

London, 1926: Senwosret and Nefret were promised an afterlife in a lush world a mere breath from the Egypt they knew. No one said anything about being trapped in a frigid basement a whole continent away. Lilly Chapman was supposed to be on the brink of stardom, so why is she still stuck cleaning the floors of the British Museum? When the three of them discover they have more in common than they thought possible, an audacious plan takes shape. But will their reckless scheme solve anything, or open the door to a whole new set of troubles? Join the unlikely trio as they embark upon a mad cap adventure in search of a new life - this time on their terms.


IImage created by  Eroshka reproduced under license from

Song of the Caphte

Only a fool crosses the Wanax of Koldera, as too many have learned to their cost. So when two such fools try their luck on the same night, what little sense they possess suggests they team up. Now a priestess of the lizard-like caphte and a  mercenary despised by her people must fight side by side for survival, for each other and for all the forsaken ones languishing throughout their world.

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